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London's Magnificent Seven Cemeteries

Our aim is to capture the atmosphere and architecture left behind by a Revolutionary age and to promote the active interest and preservation of such Cemeteries for future generations.

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Photographic Preservation

The cemeteries of Highgate, Kensal Green, Nunhead, Brompton, West Norwood, Abney Park and Tower Hamlets form London's Magnificent Seven.

Why are London's Magnificent Seven so significant? click here

To the uninitiated a Cemetery conjures up images of almost identical headstones set out in symmetrical rows, for the modern day Cemetery this wouldn't be too far from the truth.

But step back through time to the Victorian age and you'll find vast gardens of the dead. Mausoleums, tombs and catacombs aplenty, still shelter thousands of ornate coffins with their Victorian inhabitant over a century into their eternal slumber.
Each one of the Magnificent Seven provides a haven of peace and tranquility away from the madness of our modern society, a place rich in architecture, history and wildlife.

Every Mausoleum and monument tells the story of it's illustrious owner, statements of wealth and defiance, ingenuity and wisdom. A society of times past as dignified in death as they were in life.

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